Cornerstone blasts DOC, Lynch for latest SB500 release

For Immediate Release

February 1, 2011
Contact: Kevin Smith
Phone: (603) 571-4710

Concord, NH – Yesterday, it was reported that a twice convicted sexual offender (guilty of sexual assault and possession of child pornography), who violated his parole for attempting to lure a 14-year old with money, has been released from jail after serving only 90 days because of the new SB500 law, despite his parole officer initially pushing for five years in prison.  The SB500 law, which allows for the early release of violent and sexual offenders, was a central issue in last year’s gubernatorial race.  The controversial law has also been repeatedly defended by Governor John Lynch.

Following the news of yesterday’s report regarding the release of a twice convicted sex offender, a spokesman for the Dept. of Corrections said under the new law, it was “appropriate” for the sex offender to be released after 90 days and that he was only returned to jail for a “technical” violation of his parole.

Commenting on the news was Cornerstone Action Executive Director, Kevin Smith:

“It is appalling that Department of Corrections is seemingly dismissing this convicted sex offender’s crime by labeling it a ‘technical violation’ of parole while also applauding the new law at the same time.  This man had already been found guilty of sexual assault and possessing child pornography, and was back in jail for trying to lure a 14-year old with money.  To say it was ‘appropriate’ for him to be released early is an absolute outrage.  If this young teen hadn’t known to do the right thing, he would have been another victim of Mr. Ingersoll.”

Smith added, “Additionally, where is Governor Lynch’s outrage on this matter?  Why, after five months since the law has gone into effect won’t he still admit that violent and sexual offenders are being released early – and that the law needs to be changed immediately.  The Governor needs to demonstrate leadership on this matter and put an end to this madness immediately.”

SB52, among others, has been filed in the legislature this year as a means to “fix” the now infamous SB500 law passed in 2009.

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