First In the Nation Voters, Seize Your Opportunity

by Bryan McCormack, Executive Director

Having grown up in the Granite State, I have had the pleasure of enjoying all the marvels of our great state. From our rugged mountains all the way to our frozen lakes, there is so much beauty in the New Hampshire brand. However, there is one more beauty that I became acquainted with as I grew into the political sphere.

Many get irritated with the millions of phone calls and mailings that pour into our state. Some even turn a rooster on those going around knocking on doors (yes, that happened to me). All this attention says a lot about our little state. We have a population of 1.3 million. To put that in perspective, many cities are more populous than our entire state! However, any presidential candidate worth their mettle has to come here, meet the people, shake hands, and take the New Hampshire test before entering the national fray.

This gives us an incredible gift and opportunity as family-focused individuals to test candidates for the rest of the country. This is a matter of stewardship. We have not only been given stewardship of our vote, but also of the responsibility to try candidates and present the nation with a leader who sees the importance of strong family values.

The process of candidates making their way through New Hampshire has already started.  I encourage everyone to get involved. Go to the various events that these candidates set up in New Hampshire. Ask the tough questions, shake their hands let them know how important family values are to you and to our state.

The individual involvement of each and every one of us is the only way to bring change to our state and our nation!

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