Legislative Update 05/23/22

HB 1625, repealing the prohibition on entering or remaining on a public way or sidewalk adjacent to a reproductive health care facility

Earlier this month, the NH Senate passed HB 1625 by a narrow margin of 12-11. This decision followed a number of attempts by Senate Democrats to add various pro-abortion amendments to the bill, all of which failed by a narrow margin.

HB 1625 will repeal New Hampshire’s unconstitutional “buffer zone” law, which allows abortion clinics to ban people from engaging in speech or even silent prayer on sidewalks outside of abortion clinics.

The bill is now headed to the Governor’s desk. In 2016, just before he was first elected Governor, Sununu pledged in a letter to repeal the buffer zone law. This was one of five key promises he made to pro-life Granite Staters to win their support. However, news sources have reported that he has stated he will veto HB 1625. Please reach out to the Governor to remind him of his promise to the pro-life citizens of New Hampshire and ask that he sign HB 1625.

The Governor can be reached at 603-271-2121 or 603-271-7676.

How About Running for Office – Yes You!

We elect our legislators every two years, and 2022 is a state election year. Primary elections for the NH State Senate and House of Representatives are in four short months, and the general election is in six months. A lot can happen in that time. Will you be part of ensuring a bright future for the next generation in New Hampshire?

Although we have narrow Republican majorities in both chambers, that is no guarantee that life, family, and liberty are protected. The state is in real need of principled, strong individuals who are willing to speak truth and defend our individual rights and institutions which have never been under the type of sustained assault they are now.

Now is the time. We can’t afford to wait out this election. This is the year we must stand strong and stand together. And Cornerstone is here to help with information and insight. If you are feel moved to run for office, please reach out to us and we will be happy to offer any assistance we can.

For more information see our most recent blog post.

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