Governor Hassan Opposes Parental Choice

Parents have the right to direct the education of their children.  The US Supreme Court has upheld this right on numerous occasions when under assault. This right includes the ability of parents to REFUSE to allow their own child to participate in testing which they feel is inappropriate.

Governor Hassan’s VETO House Bill 603, acknowledging the Right of Parents to REFUSE inappropriate testing, shows blatant disregard for parents in New Hampshire. Cornerstone has actively been working with parents across the state. Time and time again we find parents being told that they have no choice regarding testing that they deem inappropriate. HB 603 assured parents of their right to make the best decisions for their children. The Governor has clearly placed Federal mandates and the acquisition of Federal dollars ahead of the Rights of Parents.

Contact your state Legislators immediately.  Tell them to Overturn her Veto on HB 603 and protect Parental Rights!