Cornerstone Applauds House Members Who Voted on the Side of Life Yesterday


Contact: Ellen Kolb, Legislative Affairs Director, Cornerstone Action, 603-321-2703

Cornerstone applauds House Members who voted on the side of life yesterday: The inhuman practice of late-term abortion and the Women’s right-to-know bill will move on to the Senate.

Informed medical consent is every woman’s right – unless, in New Hampshire, she is contemplating abortion. Cornerstone congratulates the members of the New Hampshire House who voted yesterday¬† to rectify that dangerous, ridiculous situation by supporting The Women’s Right to Know bill, HB 1659. Women considering abortion don’t need to be patronized.

With accurate information, choice has real meaning. Opposition to informed consent for abortion is troubling, particularly when such consent is routine for other procedures. No abortion provider’s routine or business model can possibly be more important then a patient’s right to know the facts about a decision she needs to make.

Pro-choice senators and Governor Lynch would do well to consider that informed consent is no threat to Roe v. Wade. If it were, then twenty years of informed consent laws in various states since the Casey decision would have brought down Roe by now. Instead, in thirty-one other states, abortion remains legal while informed consent laws are in effect. The Women’s Right to Know bill still has a long way to go here, but we’re gratified at the progress it made yesterday.

Cornerstone is also grateful to the New Hampshire House members who voted yesterday to shut the door on an inhumane late-term abortion procedure that blurs the line between abortion and infanticide. Partial-birth abortion is gruesome, requiring the partial delivery of the fetus before it is killed, and it is dangerous to women as well. Keeping this barbarity outside our borders is a good decision.

The U.S. Supreme Court has found that abortion rights are safe even if the partial-birth abortion procedure is outlawed, since other abortion methods are available. Pro-life and pro-choice New Hampshire residents should be able to agree on this one. To those who claim the law is unnecessary because no one in NH performs the procedure, we reply that we are skeptical about that, since no reliable statistics exist about late-term abortion in New Hampshire (or early-term abortions, for that matter). HB 1679 is simply a civilized act to adopt.


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