Cornerstone Ad Spot ‘Fringe’ Highlights Maggie Hassan’s Obsession with Social Issues

MANCHESTER, N.H.—Cornerstone Action PAC launched a statewide radio ad that is airing now through Election Day to highlight Maggie Hassan’s focus on an extreme social agenda rather than the issues that matter to voters.

The ad, called “Fringe” (listen to the ad on YouTube), highlights a number of extreme positions taken by Democratic gubernatorial candidate Maggie Hassan while she was president of the N.H. Senate. It continues by reminding voters about Maggie Hassan’s apparent obsession with social issues during her campaign for governor. On the other hand, the ad reminds voters how Republican gubernatorial candidate Ovide Lamontagne has been focused on his plan to stimulate the economy and restore job growth and development in New Hampshire.

“Since announcing her candidacy for governor, Maggie Hassan has been obsessed with social issues and she has talked about very little else,” said Shannon McGinley, Cornerstone’s acting executive director. “This should come as no surprise to voters who followed Maggie’s career in the State Senate. During that time, Maggie aligned herself on the fringe side of many social issues by repealing the state’s common sense parental notification law, passing a law to permit gay ‘marriage’ and advancing the infamous transgender ‘bathroom bill’.

“Voters who are concerned about jobs and the economy should remember Maggie’s failure to deliver when she was given the chance, McGinley added. “Maggie’s extreme social agenda was more important to her then, and it still appears to be more important to her now.

“On the other hand, Ovide Lamontagne has remained focused on jobs and the economy during his campaign,” McGinley continued. “Ovide has outlined a very specific plan that would deliver on these critically important issues, despite Maggie’s attempts to distract him.”

Here is the script for the new ad, “Fringe” (Please also listen to the ad on YouTube):

Woman: Hon, have you heard all of those Maggie Hassan attack ads against Ovide Lamontagne?

Man: Sure have—she seems pretty obsessed with bringing up fringe social issues over and over.

W: Yeah, right. Though I’m not so surprised Maggie Hassan is obsessed with fringe social issues, since it’s all she seemed to work on when she was in the State Senate.

M: Really?

W: You bet. When Maggie was a state senator, she and her counterparts spent months on fringe issues like gay marriage—and remember that transgender bathroom bill?!

M: Oh yeah—that was a doozy.

W: Right it was—but it didn’t even stop there. Maggie’s obsession with the fringe social issues even lead her to repeal the state’s common sense parental notification law.

M: It all seems so extreme. I don’t want my next governor to be so obsessed with these fringe social issues.

W: Neither do I, which is why I’m supporting Ovide Lamontagne. Unlike Maggie, Ovide’s got his priorities straight and has a plan to bring good jobs to New Hampshire.

M: Sounds like the right idea. I want a Governor who’s focused on job creation, not obsessed with fringe social issues like Maggie Hassan.

Paid for by Cornerstone Action PAC. Not authorized by any candidate. Vicki Lavery, Treasurer. P.O. Box 4351, Manchester, N.H. 03108.

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