Testimony on Fetal Homicide, SB 66 (2017)

Testimony delivered by Shannon McGinley for Cornerstone Action. Cornerstone Policy Research and its public policy arm, Cornerstone Action, represent New Hampshire residents supporting public policy that strengthens New Hampshire families. Cornerstone continues to support fetal homicide legislation. We consider SB 66 an encouraging start toward a fetal homicide law. New Hampshire is one of very few states that lacks such a law (38 states …

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Fetal Homicide (HB 156, 2017)

Cornerstone has actively supported fetal homicide legislation in the past, seeing it as an appropriate way to recognize the loss of life sustained by women whose wanted preborn children are killed by the bad action of a third party. This session, we ask you to recommend Ought to Pass on HB 156. This legislation would allow prosecution of a person, such as an impaired …

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