Gender Identity Forum Videos

Cornerstone Action welcomed three informative speakers for a Gender Identity Forum on November 30, 2017 in Manchester. A large audience listened to moving personal stories as well as some challenging information about the gender identity and therapy ban legislation being considered in New Hampshire.

Rene Jax spoke candidly about Rene’s own decades-long experience of living as a transsexual, and about the regret that has followed. Rene warned of the personal, medical, and cultural consequences of ignoring biology in favor of gender politics.

David Pickup is a licensed psychotherapist with a focus on reintegrative therapy primarily for men and boys. He also defends the the rights of therapists and clients all over the country.

Stephanie Curry, an attorney with Family Policy Alliance, talked about the dangerous effects of sexual orientation/gender identity laws, including their influence on education policy and religious liberty.

Question and Answer Session from the Forum

Full Forum, including Q&A

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