Our Issues

Cornerstone is dedicated to a New Hampshire where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished. To this end, we address a wide variety of issues, each of which has a unique impact on New Hampshire families.


Cornerstone is dedicated to the protection of human life from the time of conception to the end of natural life. We promote public policy to protect the unborn child and each child’s mother. In further support of life, we oppose euthanasia, physician-assisted suicide, human cloning, and embryonic stem cell research.

Marriage & Family

Cornerstone supports measures which strengthen and encourage the institution of marriage through covenant marriage, the elimination of marriage tax penalties, and measures to reduce the divorce rate. We support efforts to define marriage as only the union between one man and one woman.


Cornerstone supports enabling parents to choose the education they deem best for their children, whether that choice is public, private, charter, online or home schools. We promote policy that assists parents in having broader education choice and limits government involvement in private and home education.

Parental Rights

Cornerstone supports the rights of parents to guide their children’s lives and to be responsible for every aspect of their care, including all health-related decisions.

Religious Freedom

Cornerstone supports First Amendment religious liberties for every citizen of New Hampshire, and defends against unconstitutional discrimination toward people of faith. We are also committed to preserving our nation’s historic dedication to public expression of religious faith.

Limited Government

Cornerstone believes that all elected officials should abide by a strict adherence to the United States Constitution and the New Hampshire Constitution.  We believe in the Constitutional sovereignty of the state, as outlined by the 10th Amendment, and the unalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness of the individual, free of unnecessary government encroachment and regulation.

Taxes & Spending

Cornerstone believes as Governor Mel Thomson once said, “Low Taxation is the result of Low Spending.”  Cornerstone supports a balanced budget amendment to the New Hampshire Constitution and believes that government spending should be limited to only that which is granted authority under the New Hampshire Constitution.  Cornerstone opposes any form of broad-based taxation and supports the right of the legislature to enact various forms of spending caps and super-majority votes on tax increases.