HB 434 Will Safeguard New Hampshire’s Right to Keep Tax Dollars Out of the Abortion Industry

HB 434, prohibiting the use of public funds for abortion, is one of several life bills being introduced this session that are intended to put some accountability and framework into the wide-open abortion industry in the state. (The most critical of these bills is HB 625, a prohibition on advanced late-term abortions.) HB 434 will have its first hearing in the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, February 10th, at 9 am

HB 434 will simply align state law with what has been repeatedly affirmed in the NH State Budget, that abortion services in the state are not to be funded with our tax dollars. The bill makes an exception when the life of the mother is at stake.  Cornerstone supports passage of HB 434 as a common-sense measure that will codify what the state has already stipulated in multiple budgets already passed by the legislature rather than repeatedly revisit the question. To register your support, go to our Take Action 2021 page and find specific action information for HB 434 under “LIFE.”

HB 434 itself is an administrative measure. It does not prevent women from obtaining an abortion nor does it prohibit funding to organizations such as Planned Parenthood for non-abortion services. Individual choice is not impacted nor is a woman’s access to healthcare. In short, it will not change how we are currently operating in the state.

What HB 434 will do is protect New Hampshire’s right to decide how tax dollars are treated regarding abortion. This is especially important in light of the current administration’s pledge to overturn the Hyde Amendment of 1976 that has restricted the direct use of federal funds for abortion. Cornerstone supports state-level determination of this important question.

As Governor Sununu has clearly stated “I have always opposed taxpayer funding of abortions,” he should support this reinforcement of the state’s position.
We ask that you join us in support of HB 434. For action information, including emailing the House Judiciary Committee and virtually signing into the February 10th hearing (you can do that immediately) to register your support for the bill, go here now and find HB 434 under “LIFE.”

Photo courtesy of 40 Days for Life

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