Just Released: Cornerstone’s 2020 Scorecard

Cornerstone Action is proud to present our 2020 scorecard featuring votes cast by members of the New Hampshire House and Senate during the 2019-2020 session. You will find here a measure of how each of these elected officials voted on issues affecting New Hampshire families.

We invest many hours of research to unearth and organize the detailed legislator voting information we use for our assessment of representatives against Cornerstone’s core issues impacting life, liberty, and religious freedom in New Hampshire. This year, Cornerstone proudly recognizes 27 representatives with perfect attendance and a 100% voting record on Cornerstone issues as “Heroes of the Family.” 

With the extended legislative hiatus due to COVID-19, this year’s lack of voting data impacted our ability to assess NH state senators. We were able to base our NH House representative scores on data from sixteen key votes. While we provided the voting information we had from five recorded votes in the Senate, the limited data was insufficient to arrive at a well-rounded picture of any given senator’s stance on our issues.

In spite of those limitations, Cornerstone’s 2019-2020 Legislative Scorecard provides valuable information that captures each legislator’s specific voting record on key issues. Such information not only gives you the opportunity to know how your legislator voted on your behalf, but can serve as a beneficial tool for engaging legislators on critical issues.

Heroes for the Family

We have designated some legislators as Heroes for the Family, an honor reserved for those who cast pro-family votes on every scored bill with no absences or missed votes. Please join us in thanking:

  • Representatives: Rep. Daryl Abbas (R) Rep. Patrick Abrami (R) Rep. James Allard (R) Rep. Arthur Barnes (R) Rep. Debra DeSimone (R) Rep. Larry Gagne (R) Rep. Dennis Green (R) Rep. Robert Harb (R) Rep. James Horgan (R) Rep. Werner Horn (R) Rep. Deanna Jurius (R) Rep. Richard Lascelles (R) Rep. Thomas Laware (R) Rep. William Marsh (R) Rep. Jody McNally (R) Rep. Troy Merner (R) Rep. Jeanine Notter (R) Rep. John O’Day (R) Rep. Mark Pearson (R) Rep. Kevin Pratt (R) Rep. Kimberly Rice (R) Rep. Walter Stapleton (R) Rep. John Sytek (R) Rep. Douglas Thomas (R) Rep. David Welch (R) Rep. Kenneth Weyler (R) Rep. Kurt Wuelper (R)

In addition to overall voting records, Cornerstone took the extra step of breaking out four key legislative areas (education, gender, health, and life) to help our voters evaluate legislators based on the issues that matter most to them. 

The Cornerstone Action team hopes that you will find this scorecard to be a valuable reference. You help to build a stronger New Hampshire when you hold your legislators accountable for their votes. Please thank them where appropriate.

Knowledge is power. We encourage you to share the scorecard with other voters in your circle.

Coming soon:  The endorsements from our Cornerstone candidate survey for all House and Senate candidates running in this fall’s election. Watch for these results before the September primary!