Good News for NH on Recreational Pot

GOOD NEWS! HB 481 was re-referred to committee stopping HB 481 from becoming law this year!

The motion to re-refer was approved by the full Senate on May 30th. This victory is due in no small part to the overwhelming support we have gotten against HB 481!

Cornerstone has been opposed to HB 481, relative to the legalization and government commercialization of recreational marijuana for a number of reasons. Enabling widespread use of recreational marijuana PRIVATIZES THE GAINS AND SOCIALIZES THE LOSSES of marijuana commercialization.

We have partnered with so many great NH organizations in this fight and share our victory with them. A huge thank you to New Futures and NH lives for all your hard work!

And a big thank you to all our supporters for showing up to hearings, contacting your representatives, writing op-eds and making your voice heard! It is amazing what we can accomplish for the good of New Hampshire when we work together!

Onward and Upward!