Pro-abortion Leaders are Lying about HB 2 Ultrasound Requirements

Pro-abortion leaders and the media continue to repeat false claims about the ultrasound requirement in the Fetal Life Protection Act. They portray it as imposing massive new costs. In fact, the law includes no punishment for failure to perform an ultrasound unless there is a “substantial risk” that the child is at least 24 weeks’ gestational age.

Abortion clinics are also actively changing their story on ultrasounds. Just last week, Lovering Health Center told NHPR that they do an ultrasound before every abortion. Until the past week, the consistent argument of abortionists against the ultrasound requirement was “We always do an ultrasound already,” including during legislative hearings on HB 625.

This morning, however, the Union Leader printed an uncontested claim from the Equality Health Center suggesting that pre-abortion ultrasounds are rarely done. Abortion advocates have suddenly and dramatically changed their story in an attempt to portray routine clinical ultrasounds as new, extreme, and invasive.

The willingness of the pro-abortion movement to resort to calculated lies—including the completely cynical “vaginal penetration” myth—should raise questions about what else our state’s abortion clinics may be deliberately misrepresenting.

For more on the Fetal Life Protection Act, see our FAQ.

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