Legislative Update 03/07/22: Pro Life Community, Why is this Being Allowed to Happen?

You voted for Republicans to protect life—but the NH House GOP leadership continues to allow the GOP-led Judiciary Committee to churn out extreme pro-abortion legislation.

You can help. Ask House leadership to explain why GOP leadership continues to help pro-abortion Republicans advance late-term abortion by keeping them on the Judiciary Committee.

For more commentary on the attack against the Fetal Life Protection Act, and for the names of the 12 Republicans who voted last session to return to abortion up until birth, see our most recent blog post.

House Speaker Sherman Packard: 603-271-3661 or sherman.packard@leg.state.nh.us

Majority Leader Jason Osborne: 603-391-2138 or Jason@Osborne4NH.com

Deputy Majority Leader Laurie Sanborn: 603-682-1557 or repsanborn@gmail.com

Deputy Majority Leader Fred Doucette: 603-553-6460 or Fred.Doucette@leg.state.nh.us

Assistant Majority Leader Jordan Ulery: 603-882-8979 or repulery@comcast.net

Assistant Majority Leader Stephen Pearson: 603-548-8523 or Steve.Pearson@leg.state.nh.us

Assistant Majority Leader Scott Wallace: Scott.Wallace@leg.state.nh.us

Assistant Majority Leader Michael Harrington: 603-942-8691 or harringt@metrocast.net

Assistant Majority Leader Claire Rouillard: 603-494-6144 or cdrouillard@comcast.net

Protect the Rights of Biological Women!

On Monday, the House Health and Human Services Committee will meet to vote on HB 1180, relative to state recognition of biological sex. HB 1180 would ensure that public entities are allowed to differentiate between biological men and women in athletic competitions, criminal incarceration, and places of intimate privacy, such as bathrooms and locker rooms. Read the excellent op-ed  below to understand why it is critical that this bill passes.

“I am a woman, a lifelong athlete, former Dartmouth College athlete, professional soccer player, mother, and lawyer. I have played sports competitively and successfully my entire life. That has shaped my identity and who I am. It has also provided me with opportunities I would not have had otherwise.  However, I would not have had this success if I had been competing against biological men.

When Title IX was signed into law in 1972, it guaranteed both equal treatment and equal opportunities under the law for women. Today, Title IX is being violated by every institution in New Hampshire that allows biological males to compete unfairly against biological females. It is being done in the name of “fairness” to the trans community, a group of people I have great sympathy for and who need a different solution to participate in athletics. While they deserve a path to competitive sports, they should not get to do so at the expense of biological females, whose athletic careers will be sacrificed unless Title IX is upheld.

This isn’t political. And it is not an exaggeration. This is happening right now, and the cautionary tales are overwhelming and sad.” Read the rest here.

Please take a moment to contact the House Health and Human Services Committee to urge them to vote “Ought to Pass” on HB 1180.

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