NH State Budget with Taxpayer Funded Abortion passes House

The House has voted to pass HB 2, 207-145. 

Next stop: Governor’s desk.
Pro-life Granite Staters know that abortion is not health care and it does not belong in the New Hampshire budget. House and Senate took a wrong turn today. We look to Governor Sununu to correct the course. We expect him to stand by a policy that prevents the use of state funds for abortion.
Going back more than 40 years, limits on public funding of abortion have attracted bipartisan agreement in Washington as well as Concord. Abortion extremists want us to forget that. We won’t.


The Senate, with only Democrats in support, proposed putting direct abortion funding into House Bill 2 (part of the budget). The House/Senate conference committee, again with only Democrat support, kept that funding. That shocking extremism is a slap in the face to pro-life Granite Staters statewide, regardless of party affiliation.
The full House and full Senate embraced this extremism by passing this budget.
 Abortion is not health care and abortion funding does not belong in the state budget.

The language in HB 2 removes a policy against the use of state funds for abortion “services.” This involves funds at the state level, and does not apply (as we understand it) to the portion of property taxes raised and spent at the local level. Refer to HB 2, page 189, note #153 of HB 2 : “Repeals a prohibition on the use of state funds for abortion services.”


Governor Sununu needs to hear from you TODAY, assuring him you will support a decision to veto any budget that contains abortion funding as he will have the final decision on what’s included. 

The Budget passed 207-145, almost on party lines, except for  one Democrat joining the Republicans in their “nay” vote: Julie Radhakrishnan of Amherst.

As budget negotiations re-open, you have a great opportunity to encourage YOUR reps to get abortion funding out of the budget.

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