Now is the Time! Say NOPE TO DOPE

Short 5 minute message from Cornerstone’s Director of Strategic Alliances on the hazards of Recreational Marijuana usage.

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Thursday, Feb 21st the House Criminal Justice & Public Safety Committee VOTED 10-9, a very close and nonpartisan vote, to move forward with legalizing recreational marijuana, HB 481.

THIS Wednesday, the entire NH House of Representatives will weigh in on the bill.

NOW is the time to urge your Representatives to SAY NOPE TO DOPE : VOTE NO ON HB481

       EDUCATE YOURSELF on the issue:

  • – several articles explaining the commercialization debate and the medical facts

FIND OUT who your representatives are:

1) Go to

2) Click on “Your Legislators” in the left-hand margin.

3) Choose your town from the dropdown menu.

CALL YOUR REPs before Wed 2/27 urging them to vote NO on HB 481.

 > For a great call script, visit:

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