3 Reasons to Consider Running for Local Office

…And Why The Time Is Now To Make the Commitment!

Cornerstone is dedicated to keeping you posted on happenings at the State House. As our Nashua neighbors have recently reminded us, though, local offices are important as well. Our communities are stronger when they’re served by people of faith. 

Town council, school board, budget committee, county commission: these are just a few of the offices filled during local elections, which are usually held on a non-partisan basis. Why should you consider running for office or seeking an appointed position in your town?

1. As you get to know your neighbors better, you’ll get to know your town better. You will learn more about what your neighbors need and how your local government can be improved.

2. Local public service can lead to service in larger arenas. Once you’ve earned your neighbors’ trust by serving them locally, they may well turn to you to take on even more responsibility.

3. If people of faith don’t step up, people hostile to faith will. As a person with faith in God and a heart for service, you have work to do!

When and How To Get Started

More than two hundred New Hampshire towns hold elections on Town Meeting Day in March. In those municipalities,the filing period for candidates wishing to run for office is usually in late January. Other cities and towns hold town meetings, municipal elections, and school district elections on different dates. Check with your town clerk or municipal website for details.

To learn more about your own town’s election schedule, contact your city or town clerk’s office. If you’re thinking of running for elective office, be sure to learn the dates for the filing period in order to have your name placed on the ballot. The clerk or your city/town’s web site might also have information on city/town boards for which vacancies are filled by appointees, with no election involved.

The more you learn, the more you’ll see how important your public service can be!