2022 Early House Endorsements

Cornerstone is pleased to announce our first round of NH House candidate endorsements for the 2022 election. We do not make these endorsements lightly but with much thought and prayer. Key considerations for us are where the candidate stands on our core issues and, if an incumbent, how they have followed through on their commitments to their constituents. Based on our research, the candidates we name below are people in whom we believe you can place your confidence.

This first round of House endorsements will focus on those candidates who through their past records, have proved themselves staunch defenders of life, liberty, and family.

This is a critical time for our nation and state, and we know many of you are worried about the future. We share your concerns. Every step forward, such as the recent Supreme Court overruling of Roe v. Wade, brings with it tremendous political pressure at the national and state level. These are the very reasons state elections matter now more than ever. Who we elect to represent us in New Hampshire this fall will impact our rights and freedoms for years to come.

It starts with your vote and your voice. We urge you to make the time in the coming months to do your part for your candidates — ask your friends to make sure they are registered to vote, share your candidate’s platform and stand on key issues with fellow voters, volunteer to help with their campaign: hold signs, write letters to the editors of local newspapers and websites, drive the candidate as he or she goes door to door, host a meet and greet. And, as you do your part on the ground, please pray for them and their families. The stakes are high, and elections have become a spiritual battleground. Any support you can lend will not only help your candidate prevail, it will help ensure New Hampshire stays strong for the many battles ahead.

Note: Not all candidates have a primary, those who do have been marked with an asterisk.

Troy Merner – Coos 1

Glenn Cordelli – Carroll 7

Matthew Simon – Grafton 1

Linda Gould – Hillsborough 2*
Ted Gorski – Hillsborough 2*
Maureen Mooney – Hillsborough 12*
Jeanine Notter – Hillsborough 12*
Larry Gagne – Hillsborough 16
Leah Cushman – Hillsborough 28
Keith Erf – Hillsborough 28
Jim Kofalt – Hillsborough 32*
Susan Homola – Hillsborough 35
Keith Ammon – Hillsborough 42*
Vanessa Sheehan – Hillsborough 43*

Jose Cambrils – Merrimack 4*

James Spillane – Rockingham 2
Kevin Pratt – Rockingham 4
Chris True – Rockingham 8
Patrick Abrami – Rockingham 12
Erica Layon – Rockingham 13*
David Love – Rockingham 13*
John Potucek – Rockingham 13*
Stephen Pearson – Rockingham 13*
Katherine Prudhomme-O’Brien – Rockingham 13*
Kenneth Weyler – Rockingham 14
Doug Thomas – Rockingham 16*
Robert Harb – Rockingham 20*
Fred Doucette – Rockingham 25*
Jess Edwards – Rockingham 31
Mark Pearson – Rockingham 34

James Horgan – Strafford 1*
Kurt Wuelper – Strafford 4
Fenton Groen – Strafford 19*

Skip Rollins – Sullivan 3*
Judy Aron – Sullivan 4
Walter Stapleton – Sullivan 6

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