Understand New Hampshire’s Fetal Life Protection Act in 3 Minutes

Who are the babies the Fetal Life Protection Act saves?

Our 3-minute video explaining the Fetal Life Protection Act is a must-see.

Have you seen it yet? Cornerstone produced this short 3-minute video late last year to cut through the confusion and deception the abortion lobby is using to undermine New Hampshire’s modest and commonsense law that protects children from being aborted in their last weeks in the womb.

The video clearly explains the history, context, and content of the law and answers the question of why Planned Parenthood and their pro-abortion coalition are so bent on destroying these hard-won safeguards. Although it was made before the act became law on January 1, it is still highly relevant as the act faces multiple legislative efforts to gut it and render it unenforceable.

New Hampshire has made history by going from a state that allowed abortion for any reason up to birth to protecting children who are at least 24 weeks old, or 6 months old. It is legislation that effectively balances the legal right of a woman to abort her unborn child against that child’s own worth and right to live as a distinct and unique human being. These children still need our voice and support.
We urge you to take a few minutes to watch the video and share it with your friends and family. The graphic below is also helpful in understanding the new law and what it does (and does not) require. Then consider contacting your legislators to voice your support for this historic legislation and keeping its provisions intact.

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