The Left is Starting to Blacklist Traditional Christians as “Christian Nationalists”

While we at Cornerstone are a specifically Christian organization, we promote the religious and civil liberties of all Granite Staters, including through our promotion of Rep. Jim Kofalt’s Bill HB 440—the Civil Liberties Defense Act. We’ve recently learned that Rep. Kofalt’s bill is being falsely identified by out-of-state progressive activists as part of “Project Blitz,” a supposed “Christian nationalist” interstate conspiracy.

The suggestion that there is even an indirect association between HB 440 and something called “Project Blitz”—let alone “Christian nationalism”—is categorically false and malicious. Neither Rep. Kofalt, nor anyone involved with the bill in any way, has had contact with or heard of this group.

Nor could any honest person claim that the Civil Liberties Defense Act or the original text of the bill—which contained generic protections for religious liberty—has anything to do with “Christian nationalism.” Then again, we are not dealing with honest people. In the words of a Soviet memoirist: “They lie to us, we know they’re lying, they know we know they’re lying, but they keep lying to you anyway.”

Pay attention to the term “Christian nationalist.” Although it only recently became popular among the left, it is no longer being applied only to those who think public schools should display Christian symbols, or even to avid supporters of Donald Trump. Instead, “Christian nationalist” is being rapidly weaponized to malign any Christian who seeks to protect basic religious or other civil liberties. 

This term is only the latest manifestation of the cultural left’s practice of blacklisting its enemies with calculated libel in order to limit the range of allowable discussion. As Democrats in the federal government are now calling for abolishing the separation of powers, so too is the cultural left—in its approach to Christianity—emerging as a nakedly hateful and totalitarian movement.

Make no mistake: the goal behind the label “Christian nationalist” is not to ensure that government entities do not teach or promote religion. Its ambition is to end the legal concept of religious liberty and, ultimately, to engage in the systematic deplatforming of Christian activists from social media, banking, and other resources.

Over the last few years, the left has successfully used similar attacks to cancel the bank accounts and other resources of pro-Trump activists. It is inevitable that these same tactics will be widely applied to traditional Christians.

It is time to warn your state representatives, as well as Christian businesses, organizations, and churches, that it is only a matter of time until they are disparaged as “Christian nationalists”—not for putting up crosses in public schools—but for advocating for religious and civil liberties for all, and for applying their faith to politics as Christians have done throughout church history.  

In light of what is already happening around the country, it is foolish in the extreme for Christians to continue relying on mainstream social media and corporate infrastructure. There is no excuse to be caught unprepared when you are identified as a “Christian nationalist,” or targeted with some other slur, and discover that your personal bank account has been closed. Christian organizations must proactively pivot to alternative means of communicating and doing business.   

Additionally, individual Christians who are falsely smeared should quickly initiate legal actions for defamation against those responsible. Even if the case appears difficult, bringing a suit will only become more challenging as you allow the insult to circulate and gain currency. If activist groups mischaracterize your beliefs in a way that is baselessly false and defamatory, commit to putting your foot down immediately. As attacks on Christians increase, Cornerstone will be closely exploring and monitoring opportunities for potential litigation.


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