Six Republicans Sponsor Bill to Return to Abortion Up to Birth

Just days into the new year, bills are being hurriedly introduced to gut the new Fetal Life Protection Act which protects children starting in their 24th week of development. One such bill is HB 1609, “Relative to the Scope of the Fetal Protection Act.” Notable are the bill’s six Republican sponsors – Dan Wolf, John Graham, Bonnie Ham, James Allard, Brodie Deshaies, and Joseph Depalma IV.

HB 1609 reads like the opposition playbook to New Hampshire’s late-term abortion ban. It inserts exceptions such as rape or incest, although these exceptions are little more than a distraction. The bill’s true purpose is in the ultrasound requirement, stripping the only accurate and objective measurement of gestational age. While the law would remain on paper, it would be unenforceable, worse than no law at all.

As it stands, the basic ultrasound requirement has been unfairly maligned and misrepresented. The only instance where a provider may be held liable for not performing an ultrasound is when there is a “substantial risk” a child is at least 24 weeks old. Taking this requirement out entirely, as these Republicans want to do, makes the law meaningless.

By sponsoring HB 1609, these six Republican representatives have either fallen into the trap of catering to the dishonest and misleading abortion lobby narrative, or they want to return abortion up to birth in the state. Either way, they need to hear from you. 

Dan Wolf, Merrimack – District 5

John Graham, Hillsborough – District 7

Bonnie Ham, Grafton – District 5

James Allard,  Merrimack – District 21

Brodie Deshaies, Carroll – District 6

Joseph Depalma IV, Grafton – District 1

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