Save Women’s Sports in New Hampshire!!

Over the last two years, the NH Legislature, with the Governor’s approval, has passed a series of laws adding “gender identity” to the state’s non-discrimination laws. While equity and non-discrimination are just ideals conceived in the heart of God, because these laws are not based on reality, they predictably cause chaos and confusion.

As Cornerstone warned last May, these poorly conceived laws are wreaking havoc in local school districts, where school committees are having to create transgender policy that is anything but commonsense. See this Laconia Daily Sun article on the Gilford school committee’s new transgender policy

The biggest losers? Female athletes. After all the advances in athletic equity made in this country via Title IX, female athletes now find themselves losing athletic contests and college scholarships to trans athletes–biological males claiming female identity.

Introducing the “Saving Women’s Sports” Bill

A coalition of ten NH representatives and two senators has authored HB 1251, intended to preserve the biological standards of eligibility for female school athletics. Read the brief text of the bill here. The truth usually is simple.

HB 1251 would reclaim women’s sports for biological females. Women athletes in Connecticut have been fighting to stay on the podium, but they are losing. Selina’s story is a cautionary tale for the rest of us.  Our female athletes need you.

Women are losing to biological males in competitive sports, and the NH ACLU has this to say about efforts to stop it:

“Sweeping bills that purport to determine a person’s sex by documenting the person’s chromosomes and reproductive anatomy raise serious privacy concerns and are discriminatory, plain and simple.”

HB 1251 would reclaim women’s sports in NH for biological females. Women athletes need your support!!

HB 1251 First Hearing Report (Jan 14th) : 

Thank you to everyone who joined us or sent testimony for Tuesday’s committee hearing for HB 1251 (Save Women’s Sports Bill) that is under consideration by the House Education Committee. It was a packed room with both supporters and opponents, and a second day of testimony is planned to accommodate those who were unable to speak this week, including Cornerstone. We’ll keep you updated on the next hearing date and will report the committee’s recommendation to the House when we have it. Stay tuned for Cornerstone’s written testimony.  

WoLF (Women’s Liberation Front) said the following in testimony presented before the House Education Committee strongly supporting HB 1251.

“Gender identity”is simply a belief system, invented and embraced by a small subset of society, which claims that a person’s affinity for sex stereotypes is innate.”

We urge you to read the full text and the compelling arguments behind why this feminist group wants to keep women’s sports for biological women.

Update: The House Education committee recommended “inexpedient to legislate on HB 1251, and the House will vote on the bill on March 11 or 12. From the committee minority report written by Rep. Rick Ladd (R-Haverhill), supporting HB 1251: “The bill won’t deny any student the opportunity to play sports. It will provide an objective way to keep girls’ teams for girls. It will keep things just and fair.”

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