Repeal the Buffer Zone Law (HB 124, 2019)

[Testimony submitted to House Judiciary Committee by Christopher Jay, Attorney with Cornerstone] Cornerstone Action is a nonprofit, nonpartisan New Hampshire public policy organization that advocates to protect life, religious liberty, and family in the state of New Hampshire.  We ask your support of HB 124, in repealing New Hampshire’s so-called “buffer zone” law. This “buffer-zone” law is squarely unconstitutional. It cannot be enforced without violating …

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Buffer Zone Repeal (HB 589, 2017)

Among Cornerstone’s goals is the protection of human life from the time of conception to the end of natural life. Along with that goes our interest in recognition of the constitutional First Amendment rights of people peacefully advocating for protection of human life. To that end, we ask you today to support HB 589, repealing New Hampshire’s so-called buffer zone law. HB 589 gives …

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