Senate’s 2013 Medicaid Expansion Plan Tabled

(CONCORD)- During the past few months, our State Legislature has been debating the merits of expanding Medicaid under Obamacare.  Cornerstone has shared our concerns regarding this policy and are pleased to report that the bill was successfully tabled in the New Hampshire Senate.
Cornerstone’s Executive Director Ashley Pratte said, “We would like to thank three conservative Republican State Senators: Senator Andy Sanborn, Senator Sharon Carson, and Senator Russell Prescott who took a stand today and voted against the NH Senate proposed plan.  They led the charge against it, knowing it was fiscally irresponsible and would inevitably hurt NH middle class families with an income tax, should this program be expanded in NH.”
Cornerstone wants to acknowledge and thank these Senators for standing up for our values and fighting for NH families. It is our hope that the House bill will be defeated later this evening because NH deserves better than expanding a broken program.
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