Gov. Hassan’s Fishing Expedition Catches Sen. Ayotte In A Cultural Degradation Trap

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MANCHESTER, N.H.—Sen. Ayotte fell for Gov. Hassan’s ad trap this week, disproving her own point and degrading her leadership role as a champion of human dignity, according to Cornerstone Action.

Hassan has been running TV ad spots targeting Ayotte for opposing women’s health concerns, her code for abortion-on- demand and easy birth control on the taxpayers’ dime. Specifically, the ad noted Planned Parenthood’s efforts to support “women’s health,” and Ayotte’s alleged opposition to the vague concept. Ayotte responded with “condom sense,” an effort to hand out free condoms to mostly unmarried college students.

“This ‘condom sense’ program is a cheap trick that defies common sense and deeply disappoints Cornerstone Action, an organization that has supported the Senator in the past,” said Rico McCahon, executive director of Cornerstone Action. “It sends the worst possible message on the purpose of sex and does nothing to promote Sen. Ayotte’s reelection chances. She may in fact lose supporters who feel she has betrayed the institution of the family and the conservative principles to which she’s paid lip service.

“If Sen. Ayotte wanted to show that birth control is easy to come by and that she supports ‘women’s health,’ she made the opposite argument by handing out free condoms,” McCahon added. “Condoms are available on the market for a low cost and responsible married couples can examine their own conscience when they consider moral options for family planning. By giving condoms to college students, Ayotte is encouraging wanton, meaningless sex, which degrades the dignity of both women and men and the ultimate marriage relationship that sex should ideally be reserved for.

“Sex is the most intimate God-given expression of love between a husband and wife that not only unites them in body and spirit, but also graces them with the gift of children,” McCahon added. “It is in this familial environment that children are given the support they need to grow into responsible, productive and caring adults who will build a stronger society in the future than the one we have now.

“With society’s pull toward sexual liberation, many young people are overwhelmed by pressure to engage in sexual activity, McCahon said. “Many people start out with intentions to wait for marriage, which would bene t both them and their spouse as well as the dignity of their future family. By handing a young person with strong sexual urges a condom, Ayotte is making it easier for that person, even with the best intentions, to lose his or her wits and make the wrong choice, which cheapens his or her ultimate relationship with their spouse.

“Divorce, infidelity, single-parent households, unintended pregnancy and the general decay of the committed relationship of marriage are exponentially growing problems in society that are leading to more government dependence, financial hardship, poor educational and child-rearing environments, and even violence between former spouses,” McCahon said. “Cornerstone Action encourages Sen. Ayotte to use her leadership role as U.S. Senator for New Hampshire to build up the importance of the family and ignore traps to label her as anything other than a champion of physical and spiritual health for men, women and children alike.”


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