Cornerstone Statement on NH Democrats’ Blatant Disregard for NH Voter Law

MANCHESTER- Today WMUR shed new light on the flaws with our voter registration laws in New Hampshire . 

It was reported that Vice President Biden’s niece claimed NH residency and voted in the Granite State while temporarily volunteering on the Obama campaign.

More striking though was the report that during the 2012 election Senator Martha Fuller Clark housed 8 campaign volunteers all of which do not claim New Hampshire to be their place of full-time residence.  It is shameful for an elected official to have such blatant disregard for our voter laws here in the Granite State.

“Now is the time to strengthen our voter identification laws here in New Hampshire and to really crack down on voter fraud. This type of behavior should not be tolerated especially by our elected officials,” said Pratte, Executive Director.

**Link to WMUR story can be found here


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