Cornerstone Reacts to Same-Sex Marriage Decision in California

Calls on Federal Candidates to Support Federal Marriage Amendment

For Immediate Release
August 4, 2010
Contact: Kevin Smith
Phone: (603) 571-4710

MANCHESTER, NH – Today, a federal district court judge in California ruled that state’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage to be unconstitutional under federal law, thus overturning the Prop 8 vote passed by the voters there in 2008.

Commenting on this breaking situation was Cornerstone Action’s Executive Director, Kevin Smith:

“It is very clear from this ruling in California today, coupled with the recent DOMA decision in Massachusetts, that out-of-control liberal activist judges will stop at nothing to redefine marriage for the rest of the country. It is also obvious at this point that should this decision be upheld in higher federal courts, the states will be rendered powerless to define marriage as only between one man and one woman. Therefore, we call on all candidates running for federal office to support a federal marriage amendment to the US Constitution at this time.”


CPR-Action is the legislative advocacy arm of Cornerstone Policy Research.

Cornerstone Policy Research is a non-partisan, non-profit research and education organization dedicated to the preservation of strong families, limited government and free markets.

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