Cornerstone on pro-Roe resolution and informed consent bill (2013)

On Thursday, the House Health, Human Services, and Elderly Affairs Committee will hear testimony from eight New Hampshire state representatives about their support of HR 6, a resolution that would commemorate the 40th anniversary of the controversial Roe v. Wade decision.

 “I am shocked that the representatives of New Hampshire would dedicate time to proposing, testifying, and supporting a non-binding piece of legislation that is so controversial and contrary to the fundamental right to life,” said Ashley Pratte, Executive Director of Cornerstone. “Commemorating a controversial decision that still creates division among Americans today is irresponsible and only intensifies the political gridlock that already exists.”

“Many folks do not know that Roe v. Wade allowed for informed consent laws, parental notification, and a ban on partial birth abortion,” added Pratte.  “It’s ironic that the very legislators seeking to praise Roe v. Wade through this legislation have stood against these measures that are allowed by the monumental decision which they claim to support.”

 Just three doors down from where legislators will hear testimony on HR 6, the Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on HB 483, a bill calling for informed consent for women seeking an abortion.

“It is critical that informed consent statutes exist in New Hampshire because it allows women who choose to undergo an extensive procedure to know what the consequences are,” said Pratte.  “Every human being has a right to know the dangers and threats associated with any operation or surgery.  Abortion is no different, and women should not be denied this right. HB 483 is smart, safe, and practical—and Cornerstone ardently supports it.”

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