Citizens Outraged by Common Core Information Session

(Manchester)- On Tuesday, October 29th  2013, members of the New Hampshire legislature will hear from Marc Tucker who is an avid supporter of Common Core standards.  Marc Tucker is very well known for his “Dear Hillary Letter” that laid out a master plan for the Clinton Administration to take over the entire U.S. educational system so that it could serve national economic planning of the workforce.  Mr. Tucker has also called for eliminating local control in education, something that many New Hampshire residents believe to be at the heart of American education.

Education is a state issue and yet Common Core standards have yet to be voted on by the state legislature.  Due to the fact that there has been no vote taken on these standards it is crucial that our legislators are informed about all aspects of Common Core and don’t just hear from its supporters.

In a statement, Cornerstone’s Executive Director Ashley Pratte said, “We at Cornerstone have heard from many parents and citizens about how outraged they are that members of the House Education Committee in conjunction with the Speaker of the House would only be portraying one side of the issue to the elected members of the legislature. Since our legislature consists of members who are elected by the citizens of New Hampshire, it only makes sense that both sides of such a controversial topic should be presented to our elected officials seeing as they are elected to represent ALL citizens.  Furthermore, Cornerstone supports the fundamental idea of local control when it comes to education here in the Granite State.”


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