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Dear Pastor and Faith-Based Leader,

We understand the challenges of leading faith-based organizations in today’s world. Know you are not alone. Our heart here at Cornerstone is to serve as a trusted partner, supporting and encouraging you with real tools, resources, and, hopefully, inspiration as you work to make a difference in your communities and circles of influence. Here are just some of the ways we help you:


  • Cornerstone Action’s e-Action Alerts inform on the issues and directly connect you to your elected officials. 
  • Our ground-breaking Beseech and Befriend initiative.
  • Expert political and legislative resources to guide you.
  • Special events and networking opportunities for NH’s faith-based leaders.

We invite you to join our rapidly-growing community of faith leaders. A great first step is simply signing up for our regular email updates featuring the most current public policy information along with expert analysis.

Yours in Faith,

Neil Hubacker

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