Truth in Labeling: Beyond the Party Symbols

Quick – how do you recognize a pro-life, pro-family, pro-religious-liberty candidate?

Trick question. There is no “quick” way.  But doesn’t party affiliation do the sorting for us? No.

Remember that five of the sponsors of New Hampshire’s “buffer zone” law are Democrats, and three are Republicans. Casinos and their social costs were kept out of New Hampshire by a single vote earlier this year – a vote cast by the presiding Democrat, who broke a tie. House Bill 1501, a measure introduced this year regarding licensing and oversight of abortion facilities, was defeated after a House committee unanimously recommended that it be killed – a committee with eleven Democrats and nine Republicans.

Somewhere between the party platform hearings and the legislative floor votes, things can get murky. Little wonder, then, that over 40% of New Hampshire’s registered voters decline to affiliate with either major party.

It’s fair to ask, “Which party do you think is more likely to support pro-life views?” The answer to that is obvious. Still, there’s that buffer zone law. That doesn’t make support for a party a bad idea. It just means that casting a wide net, for example by offering support to any candidate with an “R” next to the name, means bringing in mixed results.

So what’s a voter to do? One reasonable choice would be to send contributions to specific candidates. Do the homework (and Cornerstone can help with this) to find out who’s going to support the rights of parents to choose the best educational setting for their children – who’s going to defend the right to life – who’s going to respect free speech – who’s going to help keep New Hampshire casino-free.  Once you find a good candidate, make a donation. Put up a sign. Go door-to-door in your neighborhood with your candidate. Write an endorsement for publication.
Cornerstone can help!
Our Families First Pledge has gone out to New Hampshire’s candidates. Before the primary election, we’ll be posting the names of candidates who sign this commitment. We’ll have a guide to votes cast in the past legislative session as well. Many incumbents are running for re-election, and Cornerstone’s been watching how they’ve done this past session. When you give your support to Cornerstone, you can be confident we’re looking out for those pro-life, pro-family, pro-religious liberty candidates.
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