The Council Can and Should Handle “Policy”

“We don’t do policy.” Cornerstone heard from supporters who got that reply from an Executive Councilor who was explaining how he simply couldn’t deny state funds to abortion providers for non-abortion work. All he could do, he asserted, was approve what had been negotiated between the bidders and the state Department of Health and Human Services.

Guess again, Councilor – and pay attention, voters.

New Hampshire Constitution, Article 56 on Disbursements from Treasury, emphasis added: “No moneys shall be issued out of the treasury of this state, and disposed of, (except such sums as may be appropriated for the redemption of bills of credit, or treasurer’s notes, or for the payment of interest arising thereon) but by warrant under the hand the governor for the time being, by and with the advice and consent of the council, for the necessary support and defense of this state, and for the necessary protection and preservation of the inhabitants thereof, agreeably to the acts and resolves of the general court.”

That’s advice AND consent, not merely consent, and there is nothing “necessary” about handing tax money to abortion providers.

New Hampshire’s five Executive Councilors were not elected to rubber-stamp everything coming before them. Any Councilor who thinks otherwise needs a reality check. Start with the state Constitution.

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