Legislative Update September 21

Fight Against Abortion Funding Continues! 
Report on this week’s legislative happenings

The legislature voted on the Governor’s vetos on September 17 and 18 but did not take up the budget vote!

The House will meet Wednesday, September 25, at 1:00 p.m. to take up the Governor’s veto of the state budget, HB 1 & HB 2. If the House overrides the veto, the Senate will then take its own vote.

We support the Governor’s veto and we hope legislators will sustain it, so that a new budget proposal may be brought forward that keeps tax dollars from going to abortion providers.

Ask them to please vote NO to a State Budget that includes any DIRECT or INDIRECT abortion funding

DIRECT FUNDING: We do not support the provision proposed in June by the House and Senate that would repeal a prohibition on using state funds to pay for abortions directly.

INDIRECT FUNDING: We do not support the indirect funding of abortion currently in the budget in the form of sharp increases in state general funds for family planning, to offset the effect of the Protect Life Rule.

Abortion is not healthcare, and we don’t need to subsidize it with our tax dollars.

For background information on Title X, the Federal Protect Life Rule, and the NH budget, click here.


Good News from this Week! 

Veto of Birth Certificate Bill – Sustained!
Legislators voted to uphold the Governor’s veto 230-148 (short of two-thirds). The Governor recognized the unique role of vital records in documenting sex as male or female, and that’s why he vetoed HB 446.

Thank you to the House members who worked to sustain his veto.

Veto of Non-Academic Survey Bill – Sustained!
Legislators voted to uphold the Governor’s veto. As a reminder, SB196 sought to roll back a 2017 law giving parents the right to “opt-in” before a non-academic survey could be administered to their children in school.

Thank you to the Governor for protecting student privacy and parental rights by vetoing SB 196 and thank you to the Senators who worked to sustain his veto.