Legislative Update: Senate Votes for Life!

This past Thursday the Senate voted 14-10 to ban abortion after 24 weeks.

During a Senate session Thursday, senators voted 14-9 to pass an amendment to HB 2, the state budget, sponsored by Senators Regina Birdsell and Sharon Carson. This amendment rewrote Sections 37-40 of the state budget to create a real and workable ban on late-term abortion.

It’s no secret that New Hampshire Republicans have historically had a mixed record on abortion. But by repairing and strengthening this abortion ban, Senators Birdsell and Carson have helped unify New Hampshire Republicans on this critical issue.

The 14 Senate Republicans also stood strong in defense of Sections 37-40, rejecting multiple amendments proposed by Democrats that would’ve sabotaged the ban, such as by stripping out the criminal and civil penalties.

An abortion ban at 24 weeks—a time when when most unborn children can live outside the womb—should not be controversial. But in the current national political climate, the Senate’s actions are brave. As the nation becomes more polarized, many Democratic states are going in the opposite direction and triumphantly legalizing abortion up to birth.

Until December of 2020, even Massachusetts imposed felony penalties on abortions at or after 24 weeks. In December, however, Massachusetts passed the so-called “ROE Act,” effectively legalizing abortion up to birth for any reason. We are blessed that New Hampshire is moving in the opposite direction.
For full commentary on this historic vote, read our most recent blog post.

Please thank the 14 Senators who voted for life on Thursday for their courage in standing up for the preborn. They are already facing immense backlash from abortion advocates and would greatly appreciate your support. Please also remember them in your prayers as they will certainly come under both spiritual and political attack following their brave decision. You can find the names and districts of all 14 Senators in our blog post.

Photo courtesy of 40 Days for Life.

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