Legislative Update April 15

Week of April 15th – April 19th


The state budget debate now moves to the Senate. We are concerned for the budget’s effects on family issues including tax money for abortion providers and reliance on expanded gambling. Watch for updates on our Facebook page and blog.

BILL: SB 263 Relative to Anti-Discrimination for Students in Public Schools

WHEN: The House Education Committee will vote on this bill at their executive session on Thursday, April 18 at 10:00 am; Legislative Office Building Room 207.

CORNERSTONE POSITION: OPPOSED. As written, any student who is denied the opportunity to play on the sports team of his/her choice on the grounds of being transgender (i.e. a male identifying as female being denied a place on a women’s sports team) may sue the school and school district. See our written testimony here

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Contact the House Education Committee and urge them to vote “inexpedient to legislate” on SB 263.


BILL: SB 310, Relative to Casino Gambling

WHEN: The House Ways and Means Committee will hold a hearing on Thursday, April 18 at 10:00 am; Legislative Office Building Room 202.

CORNERSTONE POSITION: OPPOSED to the bill.  Casinos and video slot machines foster gambling addictions, breed crime, and usually have a net negative economic effect. Cornerstone has long held the position that gambling harms families and the research supports us. (See Cornerstone Op-Ed, Gambling with our People
WHAT YOU CAN DO: Contact the House Ways and Means committee and ask them to vote “Inexpedient to legislate” on SB 310. 

Update on Recent Legislative Action
Bills we have been following, that are now on to the next steps. Your voice still needed and still matters!

HB 669 Senate Transportation Hearing April 9 2019

A four-year-old boy “suicidal” because he wants to be a girl? What is really going on? Watch this 3 minute video of excerpts of the discussion regarding HB669, relative to changing gender on birth certificates. Your legislators denying basic biological facts about gender – sacrificing children on the alter of “counterfeit compassion”. This is what’s coming, and those who refuse to conform to their version of the truth are silenced.