Legislative Update 04/11/22

SB 399, Relative to certain requirements of the Fetal Life Protection Act requiring an ultrasound examination

STATUS: SB 399 was amended on the Senate Floor to change it from a bill designed to gut the Fetal Life Protection Act into one which simply clarifies the law’s narrow ultrasound requirement.

WHEN: SB 399 will have a public hearing before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, April 13 at 9:00 AM in Representative’s Hall in the State House. The bill will likely be voted on the next day.

CORNERSTONE POSITION: Cornerstone supports this bill as amended. However, there is a high chance that the pro-abortion leaning committee will turn this bill into yet another gutting bill for the Fetal Life Protection Act. The Committee’s continued attempts to destroy New Hampshire’s only legal protection for late-term babies is especially sickening in light of the discovery last week in Washington, D.C. of five children whose lives were taken in late-term abortionswarning, graphic images. Police in D.C. are refusing to investigate these gruesome acts because the killings did not violate any D.C. law. Under previous bills created through House Judiciary Committee amendments, abortionists could commit identical crimes in the Granite State without receiving so much as a parking ticket. 


1. Contact the Committee and ask that they vote OTP“Ought to Pass” on SB 399 as amended by the Senate. There should be no issues in passing the bill as amended, as it is identical to HB 1673 passed by the House earlier this year.

2. Sign in in support of the bill. You can do this now. Signing in is the easiest way to register your support for a bill, and takes less than a minute to do. Click here for instructions on how to remotely sign in.

3. Testify against any potential gutting amendments. If you feel moved to testify, please reach out to us either by phone at 603-228-4794 or by email at cornerstone@nhcornerstone.org, and we will be happy to provide more information to help you prepare your testimony.

HB 1673, Relative to the scope of the Fetal Life Protection Act

STATUS: Last week the Senate Judiciary Committee voted 5-0 to pass HB 1673 as amended. The bill will now be voted on by the full Senate.

WHEN: Thursday, April 14.

CORNERSTONE POSITION: Cornerstone supports this bill as amended by the NH House. Prior to being amended, HB 1673 was one of several bills designed to gut the Fetal Life Protection Act. With the amendment passed by the house, HB 1673, like its Senate counterpart SB 399, now reiterates and further clarifies our pro-life law’s narrow ultrasound requirement.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Please contact your senator and ask them to vote for the Committee Recommendation of “Ought To Pass as Amended” on HB 1673.

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