Legislative Update 03/27/2023: New Hampshire House Votes for Abortion Up to Birth!

New Hampshire House Votes to Allow All Abortion Up to Birth

HB 224 — Contact your senator to vote NO. Read our full analysis of what happened in the House on Thursday and why.

Yesterday, in a tragic blow to life in New Hampshire, the House of Representatives voted to pass HB 224. HB 224 is a bill that would allow all abortions up to the moment of birth, for any reason. The bill passed 205-178, with a group of Republican representatives siding with Democrats in voting to allow the killing of viable, preborn children.

Now that HB 224 has passed the House, the bill is coming even closer to the Governor’s desk, where it would certainly be signed into law. We must act now to prevent this atrocity from happening, and to protect all the innocent lives that would be ended should the bill also be passed by the Senate. Before HB 224 reaches the Senate, we urge you to contact your senator and ask them to oppose this dangerous legislation.

New Hampshire law currently permits the killing of any healthy, viable child before six months’ gestation, and the Fetal Life Protection Act contains an exception for fatal fetal anomalies. Consequently, the lives this bill jeopardizes are viable pre-born babies six months and older. These children could live and thrive outside the womb if induced and delivered on the day the abortion takes place.

HB 224 stands as a significant threat to pre-born life, as our governor, Chris Sununu, has called to remove the penalties for violating the Fetal Life Protection Act.  Although he once promised to stand behind legislation to protect these young lives if elected, he is now the only Republican governor in America pushing for abortion up to birth, and has pledged to sign the bill if it reaches his desk. Additionally, Chris Sununu personally lobbied for a functionally identical bill in the House just last year.


Time is critical. Contact your senator now, and urge them to oppose this bill before time runs out. You can find your senator here. For more information on the Fetal Life Protection Act, visit NHabortion.com.

A Win and a Loss for Parents Bill of Rights

SB 272 – Sign in now in support of the bill. Contact your representative to vote YES.

Earlier this week, the New Hampshire House voted against HB 10a bill that outlined the rights of parents regarding their children’s education and upbringing within the public school system. HB 10 failed to advance and was ultimately tabled by the House 193-192.

However, HB 10, in its original form, did not include any language to prevent the school-facilitated, secret gender transitioning of NH children. In an attempt to correct that critical area, Rep. Bob Lynn proposed a floor amendment which included language to restrict the covert gender transitioning of children by school staff and employees. Cornerstone supported this amendment, 1146h, and urged representatives to vote in favor of this amendment. Unfortunately, this amendment failed by a close vote of 190-194.

HB 10, by omitting these crucial parental rights, would have done more harm than good, effectively conferring approval by omission of the ongoing statewide crisis of covert transitioning.
And, while some claim that HB 10 could have been passed by the House, and then amended while in the Senate, this process would have been altogether too risky. The Senate could have simply passed HB 10, unamended, and closed off this avenue of recourse for parents.

However, the fight is not over for parents in the Granite State. SB 272, the Senate version of the parental bill of rights, has advanced through the Senate and into the House. SB 272 includes vital language to prevent the covert, social gender transitioning of children by public school systems.


SB 272 will have a hearing in the House Education Committee on Thursday, March 30. Please remotely sign in now in support of the bill. Additionally, we urge you to contact your representatives and ask them to support SB 272, so that parents may have the fundamental right to direct the upbringing of their children without destructive authoritarian state interference.

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