Last Chance to Contact Senate Judiciary Committee on Civil Liberties and Religious Liberty!

HB 542, The Religious Liberty Act

CORNERSTONE POSITION: Cornerstone SUPPORTS HB 542. If passed, this bill would protect houses of worship in New Hampshire from abuses such as we have seen enacted against churches in other states by essentially categorizing them as essential services during states of emergency.The bill would also codify  the general religious liberty protections that are already state constitutional law in New Hampshire in state statute.

Recently, opponents of HB 542 have been falsely claiming that the bill would create the opportunity for discrimination against members of the LGBTQ community. Read our Director of Policy’s Q. and A. on the bill, where he refutes these claims.

HB 440, The Civil Liberties Defense Act

CORNERSTONE POSITION: Cornerstone SUPPORTS HB 440. If passed, this bill will protect civil liberties from being “suspended” during a state of emergency—something the Governor’s attorneys have claimed the power to do. 

Read more about HB 440 here.


The Senate Judiciary Committee will vote on both HB 542 and HB 440 in executive session THIS Tuesday, May 25. Both bills are facing strong last-minute opposition. They need every voice that is willing to speak out in support of our civil liberties.  Please contact the Senate Judiciary Committee TODAY and ask them to vote OTP in support of HB 440!

Email the Judiciary Committee

Important: When emailing the committee, it is best to send a separate email for each bill, with the bill number in the subject line. As always, please remember to be courteous in your tone

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