Don’t Let the Governor Gut Protections for Preborn in NH!

Sadly, Governor Sununu has repeatedly indicated his willingness to gut and nullify the recently passed Fetal Life Protection Act by doing away with the ultrasound requirement. Most recently, when asked about it in an interview with New Hampshire Public Radio he stated that, “I absolutely plan to revisit the law,” suggesting that the law’s ultrasound requirement is “too onerous.” However, the ultrasound requirement, which the Governor suggests is “onerous” is not only standard procedure before most abortions, but carries no penalty unless there is a substantial risk the child is past 24 weeks gestation. Further, without the requirement, the law becomes effectively useless, leaving the preborn with little more protection than before it was passed.

Unfortunately, the Governor is not the only one weakening on the Fetal Life Protection Act. Consistent propaganda, lies and half-truths put out by the pro-abortion lobby have succeeded in weakening the resolve of some GOP legislators. Now there is a real risk they will, in an effort to appease the strident voices of opponents to life, introduce new legislation next session which would severely weaken or destroy the law. If that happens we will have lost the precious ground we’ve gained after decades of effort.

We can’t let the argument be one-sided or sacrifice precious lives as they want us to. Before it is too late, it is critical that those who support commonsense protections for defenseless preborn use their voice to protect this hard-fought legislation. Please take a moment, right now, to contact Governor Sununu, and your GOP reps and tell them it is imperative to support the Fetal Life Protection Act as it stands!

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