Don’t Let Legislators Sabotage the Fetal Life Protection Act

The next legislative season is fast approaching, and already a large number of LSRs (Legislative Service Requests) have been submitted for review by lawmakers. These requests are the first required step to become next year’s bills. Among the very first LSRs are several which are attempting to destroy the recently passed Fetal Life Protection Act, either by outright repealing the law, or by altering it to such an extent that it becomes unenforceable. 

The passage of the Fetal Life Protection Act was just the beginning of our battle to protect late-term preborn. Now millions of dollars are being poured into disinformation campaigns to tear it down. If we do not stand strong now, we may never have another opportunity to put any protections in place for these vulnerable children. They need your consistent and determined voice to let your legislators know that you will not stand for any attempt to destroy the Fetal Life Protection Act! It just takes a few minutes of your time. Aren’t our precious children worth it?  Contact your GOP Reps and Governor Sununu and ask them to stand by the law as written. 

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