Legislative Update Jan 13

Cornerstone’s weekly Action Alert for the week of January 13-17. All the important legislation you want to know about, that needs your action this week! Including: 

  • Hearing Tuesday, January 14 n bill to protect sports equity: let girls’ teams be for girls!
  • Wednesday, January 22: hearing on an amendment that would protect abortion under the New Hampshire constitution.
HB 1251, introduced to limit participation in women’s sports to biological females (sports equity) will have its only public hearing next week before a full House vote.

WHEN: Tuesday, January 14, 10:00 a.m., House Education Committee, room 207 of Legislative Office Building (behind State House in Concord)


WHY: This bill would prohibit public schools from permitting a male student to participate in a student sport designated for females.Female athletes deserve a level playing field. They should not have to compete against biological males for a spot on the podium, even if those males claim a female gender identity. Biological males are already starting to dominate women’s competitive sports. (One example is that of a biological male from Franklin Pierce College who won the women’s Division II 2019 national NCAA championship in the 400-meter hurdles.)

1) Opponents will be out in force (the ACLU is organizing their own rally). Attend the hearing. Even if you don’t testify, you can sign in supporting the bill. Every voice counts.
2) Contact members of the House Education Committee and ask them to recommend “ought to pass” on HB 1251. 

Other Important Upcoming Legislation!

CACR 14, relating to “reproductive medical decisions”

WHEN: Wednesday, January 22, 1:00 p.m., House Judiciary Committee, room 208 of Legislative Office Building


WHY: This proposed constitutional amendment is a clear and direct attempt to make abortion a protected right under the New Hampshire constitution – a “right” that would remain intact even if Roe v. Wade were to be overturned.

What the amendment says: “The right to make personal reproductive medical decisions is inviolate and fundamental to the human condition. Neither the State nor any political subdivision shall infringe upon or unduly inconvenience this right.” What the amendment would mean: an end to New Hampshire’s parental notification law; mandatory direct funding of abortion by you and all taxpayers; inability to protect women’s health by regulating abortion providers; inability to protect preborn children at any gestational age.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: The hearing on CACR 14 is still a week and a half away. Plan now to attend! Arrange a carpool with friends; offer to babysit for a pro-life parent who’d like to be there; alert your faith community. 

Update on Recent Legislative Action:

HB 201, Relative to Increasing Penalties For Adults Buying Sex From Minors

STATUS: On January 8, the New Hampshire House voted 316-55 OUGHT TO PASS on HB 201. Cornerstone supports this bill. Thank you for contacting your representatives! Stay tuned for updates when further hearings are scheduled.

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