Will YOUR New Hampshire Library Invite Drag Queens to Talk to Kids?

The push to give drag queens direct access to our children in what should be a safe setting has come to New Hampshire. You can be proactive and take action before it happens in your town!

Drag Queen Story Hours are not about “tolerance,” but are instead a clear attempt to normalize disturbing social and lifestyle concepts for young and impressionable children. In the past year, Cornerstone has supported local residents working to combat Drag Queen Story Hour events at public libraries in Nashua and Conway. Your local library could be next.

Drag Queen Story hours are promoted through a San Francisco-based organization creatively called Drag Queen Story Hour. The organization itself is fairly self-explanatory and is part of a much larger culture that has infiltrated the library system with the purpose of quelling traditional literature and promote a disintegrated view of human sexuality to children. 

The American Library Association enthusiastically supports the use of public libraries for these events.

When a public library hosts such a story hour, every taxpayer is responsible. The events feature one or more drag queens in exaggerated makeup and often dressed in sexually suggestive costuming meant to demean and mock religious beliefs and institutions. Children are brought by their parents to hear the Drag Queens read to them topical books (most often on normalizing the LGBTQ agenda), engage in hands-on projects, and are even urged to physically interact with drag queens —  all to push the message that the drag queen’s behavior, lifestyle, and values are perfectly normal and harmless.

It is clear that Drag Queens are Adult Performers, and have no place in hosting children’s programs. 

What is most concerning however is how militantly these events are being pushed as New Hampshire has its own Drag Queen Story Hour local chapter, with the purpose to have these events planned in as many NH towns as possible. The extremely mature and disturbing nature of the subject matter being presented to young children should concern every parent and citizen.

There has been positive movement. Thankfully, libraries in some communities have been reluctant to host these events – forcing organizers to look for other sites. A major library in Phoenix even cancelled an event after facing opposition from local residents.

WITH YOUR HELP, working with likeminded neighbors, these attacks on children, families, and faith can be challenged and even stopped. 

Against these events BEFORE they come to your town! Here’s what you can do:

  • Talk to your local library officials and urge them to resist the push to bring these events to your community. Send a proactive email letting your library know that you do not support any programming of this kind in your library. If such a program is planned, contact Cornerstone for your next action steps! 
  •  Send a message to the American Library Association urging them to stop their support of Drag Queen Story Hours.  
  • Get your church or community group involved in your local library! If we had Churches offering to host Bible Story Hours, Constitution Story Hours and similar positive programming, there would be no room for insidious programs like Drag Queen Story Hour!  
  • Please share this message widely so that libraries and policy makers hear the message clearly and strongly!

Thank you for speaking up for our children!

– Cornerstone Team