What is Your School’s New Bathroom Policy?

Attention Parents of School-Aged Children, 

We wanted to share with you one example of the real life consequences of SB 263, which our New Hampshire Legislature passed this session, Governor Sununu signed into law on July 18, 2019 and is effective 60 days after passage

This letter was sent to parents of children at Gilford Elementary. (Highlights added by Cornerstone) 

Screenshot of email from Gilford School to Parents

SB 263 becoming law means that now schools are prohibited from making any distinctions on the basis of sex or gender identity. This new Gilford bathroom policy is a direct result of the legislation. Cornerstone’s full analysis of SB 263 can be read here.

It is important to note the signing of HB 1319 in 2018 (Bathroom Bill) paved the way for SB 263 and the multiple other gender bills we fought against this year. 

Parents, if you have received similar notifications of new policies from your school, please forward them on to us. If you have not received notifications, please ask your school about their new policy in compliance with SB 263. Better to be informed! 

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