Presidential candidates to NH: pass right-to-work now

Some NH House Republicans vastly out-of-step with own party…..As last evening’s Republican Presidential Debate at St. Anselm’s College, WMUR-TV anchor, Josh McElveen, asked some of the presidential candidates where they stood on the issue of Right-to Work.  Specifically, the question was posed to Governor Tim Pawlenty, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, and businessman, Herman Cain – and to a person, they each resoundingly supported Right-to-Work legislation and encouraged New Hampshire to adopt it.

Specifically, Governor Pawlenty stated: “We live in the United States of America and people shouldn’t be forced to belong or be a member in any organization, and the government has no business telling people what group you have to belong to or not…”

Commenting on the Republican presidential candidate’s strong support or Right-to-Work and how it relates to the on-going debate in New Hampshire was Cornerstone Executive Director, Kevin Smith:

“Let there be no doubt, that those Republicans and Democrats who are opposed to Right-to-Work, are voting against job creation and economic prosperity for the Granite State.  The Republicans in the House especially, who are siding with John Lynch and the Union Chiefs, could not be any more out-of-step with the principals of their own party as was demonstrated on the national stage last night.  Hopefully they will begin to realize that by opposing this critical piece of legislation, they are telling the rest of the country ‘New Hampshire is not open for business.”

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