On Wednesday, March 7th, the NH House Will Vote on Two Important Pro-Life Bills: Women’s Right to Know and Partial Birth Abortion

Cornerstone Alert:

On Wednesday, March 7th,

the NH House Will Vote on

Two Important Pro-Life Bills:

Women’s Right to Know and Partial Birth Abortion

This week, the NH House will vote on two important pro-life bills. Their passage depends on your support. New Hampshire is one of the few states where abortion providers operate with no effective oversight by state public health authorities, and we are close to making that situation a thing of the past.

Please call or email your state representatives before Wednesday morning, March 7, and ask them to SUPPORT HB 1659 and HB 1679. You can find your Representatives’ contact information on the State of New Hampshire’s web site here.
HB 1659, the Women’s Right to Know bill, will ensure that abortion-minded women are offered accurate information about abortion at least 24 hours before the procedure, including the name of the person who will perform the abortion. Abortion advocates are fighting this bill, saying that it is an attempt to dictate how medicine is practiced. Consider a few of the things an abortion-minded woman will finally be entitled to know when this bill becomes law: a description of the procedure, the probable age of the preborn child, the medical risks associated with carrying the child to term, and alternatives to abortion. We have to wonder about “providers” who think this will interfere with business. A woman having an abortion deserves to be offered accurate information so that her choice is truly informed.

HB 1679 would prohibit the abortion procedure known as partial-birth abortion. A partial-birth abortion, also known as a dilation-and-extraction (D&X), is a technique sometimes used for late-term abortions in which the preborn child is partially delivered before being killed. Abortion advocates claimed at the House hearing on this bill that no abortionist in New Hampshire employs the procedure. As with every other claim made by abortion advocates, we have to take that on faith, since the state does not collect abortion statistics. Whether the procedure is done here or not, the fact is that this barbaric procedure is practiced in other parts of the country, and we do not want to welcome it here.

Remember that the abortion industry in New Hampshire operates with no significant regulation. It’s time we brought that situation to an end. Both of these bills were drafted by New Hampshire legislators in consultation with experts in constitutional law, and the language of the bills is consistent with U.S. Supreme Court rulings. When legislators find themselves arguing over whether informed consent is appropriate before a medical procedure, we need to speak up loud and clear: yes – and it’s about time.

For more information about these bills, contact Ellen Kolb at ekolb@nhcornerstone.org or call Wendy Warcholik at 228-4794.


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