October is Respect Life Month

October is Respect Life Month!

Cornerstone has always recognized the God-given right to life of each human being, from conception to natural death.

As a result, we promote public policy that respects the dignity and worth of each pregnant woman and her unborn child. Because we respect the dignity of human life, we oppose abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide, human cloning, and embryonic stem cell research. We defend the right of taxpayers not to fund these anti-life activities in any way. We defend the conscience rights of health care professionals.
This month we encourage you to join us in celebrating life, and praying and acting in defense of life here in New Hampshire.

Pray & Act: 40 Days for Life

If you saw the film “Unplanned,” you undoubtedly saw the life-changing, life-saving power of prayer at the gates of Planned Parenthood. Those gentle prayer warriors in the movie, you may recall, were depicted as members of a real prayer movement called “40 Days for Life.”

The 40 Days for Life Campaign consists of praying and keeping peaceful vigil outside your town’s abortion clinic for a 40 day period. This fall the campaign is from September 25th – November 3rd.

Why not this October join a local 40 Days for Life Campaign! You won’t be asked to protest, to confront, or even to counsel … just to pray. Won’t you come and be a part of life-saving prayer?

These 40 days for life campaigns are happening locally in New Hampshire towns near you!