Just Released: Cornerstone’s 2018 Scorecard

Cornerstone Action is proud to present our 2018 scorecard for voters, featuring votes cast by members of the New Hampshire House and Senate during the 2017-2018 session. You will find here a measure of how each of these elected officials voted on issues affecting New Hampshire families.

This was an eventful legislative session, and the Cornerstone Action team monitored many bills. We selected 18 House votes and 14 Senate votes for scoring. The categories include pro-life, gender policy, education, right-to-work, prostitution and Constitutional rights. Each legislator has a score for each category as well as an overall score. We have taken note of missed votes. If a legislator was not in office (e.g. due to resignation or passed away) during the term, we have so noted. A link on each page of the scorecard will bring you to detailed information about each scored bill.

Heroes for the Family

We have designated some legislators as Heroes for the Family, an honor reserved for those who cast pro-family votes on every scored bill with no absences or missed votes. Please join us in thanking:

  • Senators: Kevin Avard (R), Gary Daniels (R), and Ruth Ward (R)
  • Representatives: Mark Abear (R), Lino Avellani (R), Elizabeth Ferreira (R), Robert Fesh (R), Larry Gagne (R), Richard Gordon (R), Linda Gould (R), Gregory Hill (R), Dick Hinch (R), Kathleen Hoelzel (R), Tiffany Johnson (R), Richard Lascelles (R), Donald LeBrun (R), Carolyn Matthews (R), Frank McCarthy (R), Mark McLean (R; elected May 2017), Vincent Paul Migliore (R; elected Sept. 2017), Michael Moffett (R), Steve Negron (R), Jeanine Notter (R), John O’Connor (R-Derry), Howard Pearl (R), Chris True (R), Leonard Turcotte (R), and Kurt Wuelper (R)

The Cornerstone Action team hopes that you will find this scorecard to be a valuable reference. You help to build a stronger New Hampshire when you hold your legislators accountable for their votes. Please thank them where appropriate.

Coming soon: the results from our Cornerstone candidate survey for all House and Senate candidates running in this fall’s election. Watch for these results before the September 11 primary.