In Case You Missed It: Radio Host on Exposed Same-Sex Marriage Lobby Group


November 17, 2011

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WGIR morning radio host Paul Westcott yesterday blasted a national same-sex marriage front group, responding to a NH Journal report revealing that the state’s same sex marriage lobby is funded by outside special interest lobbyists in New York City and in Washington, DC – with no ties to New Hampshire.


“Turns out a gay marriage group in the state of New Hampshire is being run exclusively from New York and Washington DC” (Paul Wescott, WGIR, 11/16/11)

 Of National Freedom to Marry, the national organization funding gay marriage front group, Standing Up for New Hampshire Families, Westcott said, “I looked at their mission statement.  It said, ‘to win more states!’” (Paul Wescott, WGIR, 11/16/11)

 “When you’re looking at political activism you want it to be grassroots – you want it to be based on something happening in the State of New Hampshire…” (Paul Wescott, WGIR, 11/16/11)

 “…Whether you’re talking about something like gay marriage in the state,…you do not want outside interests coming into the state and saying, “This is the way it should be.”(Paul Wescott, WGIR, 11/16/11)

“Well the reality is, that’s how it is. That’s sadly what’s started to happen with this type of activism.  And they they put on a front to basically say “we’re from the state, we’re gonna be fighting for you…” (Paul Wescott, WGIR, 11/16/11)

“Standing Up for New Hampshire Families,” sounds pretty organic to New Hampshire doesn’t it?  Well, the reality is, it’s absolutely not.”(Paul Wescott, WGIR, 11/16/11)

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