House Rejects Life-Issue Bills

The New Hampshire House let down New Hampshire voters by rejecting four life-issue bills in recent weeks.

HB 1680, Viable Fetus Protection Act: the bill was tabled without debate on March 21. The roll call vote on the tabling motion was 170-163.  The pro-life vote was NAY on the tabling motion. This vote was extremely close, and 58 representatives were absent or “not voting” that day.

Our state is a place where abortion is unrestricted throughout pregnancy, where untrained non-medical personnel can perform late-term abortions regardless of risk to the pregnant woman, and where children who survive attempted abortion may be abandoned to die. The New Hampshire House had a chance to change that, and it failed when it tabled HB 1680, the Viable Fetus Protection Act.

HB 1707, Abortion Information Act: the bill was sent to Interim Study on a voice vote. Interim Study kills the bill. It is possible that a committee will be named later this year to study the issues raised by the bill – informed consent for abortion – and report findings to the next legislature in January 2019. The bill itself, however, is dead.

HB 1721, banning coercive abortions: the bill was voted “Inexpedient to Legislate” on a roll call vote, 237-100. The pro-life vote was NAY on the ITL motion.

HB 1787, conscience protection for medical professionals: on a vote of 218-109, the New Hampshire House voted “inexpedient to legislate.” Here’s the roll call on the ITL motion.  In a state where abortion regulation is routinely rejected no matter which party is in the legislative majority, it’s only a matter of time before a health care professional is fired for refusing to participate in the intentional destruction of human life. The litigation that will surely ensue from such an action will cost our state dearly.