Cornerstone urges Lynch to lead; not be a party ideologue

Says Upcoming Decisions on Bills Will Show Who the Real John Lynch Is…..

Over the last few weeks, the NH legislature, listening to the mandate given to them by the voters last November, passed a number of key initiatives that will soon be making their way to Governor Lynch’s desk.  Among the pivotal pieces of legislation:

  • HB329, requiring parental notification of a minor seeking an abortion
  • SB3, reforming the state retirement system
  • SB129, requiring photo identification when voting
  • SB154, reforming the shoreland protection act and removing NH from the regional cap-and-trade program

Nearly all of these popular initiatives were opposed by the leadership in the Governor’s own party.

Commenting on the pending decisions to be made by Governor Lynch was Cornerstone Executive Director, Kevin Smith:

“For years, Governor Lynch has gotten away with positioning himself as a political ‘moderate’ despite the fact that he signed two of the largest spending increases in the state’s history.  Now, with the passage these pieces of legislation which appear to be reasonable and popular with most voters, we will finally get to see who the real John Lynch is.  Is he really a moderate or just another far-left party ideologue?  Will he side with the union bosses, the extreme abortion lobby and the Al-Gore-environmentalists, or will he side with most reasonable Granite Staters?  Now is the time for Governor Lynch to lead and show us he really is who he says he is.”

Cornerstone-Action is the legislative and issue advocacy arm of Cornerstone Policy Research.

Cornerstone Policy Research is a non-partisan, non-profit education and research organization dedicated to the preservation of strong families, limited government and free markets.

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